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Regulus Black


Full Name: Regulus Arcturus Black
Nicknames: Reggie by close friends
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: June 18, 1961
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Dominant Hand: Left
Bloodline: Pureblood
Affiliation: Death Eater


Physical Attributes: Regulus is of average height and slim build, athletic but with little physical strength. His body, and especially his shoulders, are beginning to fill out a little, but it is clear that he will never match the height and build of his older brother Sirius. His skin is very pale, and has a tendency to freckle in the sun; consequently, he remains out of it whenever possible and favours long-sleeved clothing even in the summer. He has the thick, dark hair of all the Blacks; it grows quickly and by the time each school holiday rolls around is invariably falling into his eyes, which gives his mother something to fuss at him about when he arrives home. His nose is straight, and his face narrow; it is dominated by his dark eyes and brows, and settles typically into an expression of brooding when at rest. At other times it is naturally expressive, though over the years he has become adept at mastering his expressions and presenting a blank face to the world when he feels out of his comfort zone.

Regulus appears younger than he actually is and, although nearly 18, still has little need to shave - though he does so anyway. His movement is naturally graceful and his fingers are unusually long in proportion to the size of his hands. His feet are small.

Clothing Style: tba


Mother: Walburga Black
Father: Orion Black
Siblings: Estranged older brother, Sirius Black


Regulus is the son of Orion and Walburga Black, and younger brother of Sirius Black. He has had a turbulent upbringing in a wealthy pureblood family; material goods were always freely available, affection less so, and any transgressions were punished extremely severely. His father was mostly concerned with money, his mother with power. Both saw their children as objects to be moulded into their own image, and to be used in the pursuit of still greater wealth and status. Throughout Regulus's early years his father mostly ignored him, his mother bullied him, and his brother fought with him and defended him.

Everything changed, however, when Regulus was 9 and Sirius went off to Hogwarts. To the family's horror, Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor, and from then on began a gradual estrangement between him and his parents. Orion and Walburga were distraught to have produced a child who turned out to be such a liberal, and immediately set about correcting their mistakes with their younger son. He, they decided, would have to be the one to uphold the family name. Regulus, quieter and more thoughful than Sirius, and not cut out for open rebellion, acquiesced to their onslaught and took up their beliefs. When the time came for him to leave for Hogwarts he was proud to be sorted into Slytherin, and soon became an exemplary student.

Meanwhile, unhappy at home, he developed a fascination with Lord Voldemort and his cause, and began to follow his progress. He determined that he would join the fight, and made plans for the day when he would be old enough to do something for his family and his country. Meanwhile, he concentrated on his studies and his school social life, joining many clubs, and discovering a passion for flying. His life seemed complete when all his early ambitions were satisfied when he became, in quick succession, Seeker for Slytherin, a prefect, and then, as soon as he turned 16, a Death Eater.

Though successful and, in a manner of speaking, popular however, Regulus's life still feels incomplete. Now in his 7th year of Hogwarts, he still achieves high marks in his classes with very little effort, attends numerous clubs, and is the star player of the Slytherin quidditch team. He takes up other activities intermittently, frequently growing bored with them after only a few weeks and discarding them. He was annoyed not to be made Head Boy, but has recently reasoned with himself that it was for the best, as now he can feel free to explore the school and library during the hours of darkness with little guilt attached. He is growing extremely adept at not getting caught. Though he will be sorry to have to leave Hogwarts at the end of the year, he is looking forward to increasing his activities with the Death Eaters, and cherishes hopes of eventually finding glory as Voldemort's right hand man.


Personality: As any self-respecting Black could tell you, appearances are everything. Regulus is highly intelligent, self-possessed, and quietly arrogant; he is aware that he is both amongst the brightest students in his year and one of the school quidditch stars, but feels no need to throw his weight about over it - it is, after all, evident to anyone with half a brain, and who cares what the mudbloods think anyway? At Hogwarts, he is articulate and appears at ease in company, though frequently has a slight air of superiority. He tends to speak somewhat formally, and has beautiful copperplate handwriting. Not a bully by inclination, he prefers to ignore his enemies or meet them with disdain than to greet them with violence; although he has a somewhat dark sense of humour, he is not naturally cruel. Born to a different family, and with a different upbringing, he could have been a Cedric Diggory.

Regulus was born a Black however, and has been thoroughly instilled with the family values. Although there is little love between him and his parents, he has been brought up to respect and not to question them. Family ties are sacred, and should come before everything else - one of the most unsettling days of his life came when Sirius's name was removed from the family tree, and he still has not fully come to terms with it. Regulus accepts without question that his duty as a son is to do his utmost to bring glory upon the family name - and also (though he is decidedly unenthusiastic about this at the moment; a fact which probably has much to do with his status as first-hand witness to his parents' marriage) to find a suitable wife and produce an heir to carry on the Black name - at some point in the distant future. He does not expect to love her; indeed, to date he has little experience of love in any form. Orion and Walburga are not given to displays of tenderness, and although a certain rough-and-tumble affection existed between him and Sirius when they were both younger, that has long since passed. (Sirius's greatest crime, in Regulus's eyes, is not the fact that he betrayed the family, but the fact that he ran away. Living with Orion and Walburga - especially Walburga - is traumatic for any child, and Regulus was prepared to worship his elder brother for the simple fact that Sirius could usually be counted on to step in and defend him when things got out of hand, however much they fought the rest of the time. Regulus is too proud to admit it, but he was deeply hurt when Sirius left and never even bothered to write, and has never forgiven him for leaving him alone in Grimmauld Place with his parents. His decision to conform as closely as possible to his parents' values is probably as much a reaction against Sirius as anything else, although even now Regulus is not entirely sure if he hates his brother, or envies him, or misses him). Thus there is only Kreacher, and although Regulus is very fond of him, it is not enough to fill the void. Consequently he has grown cold and guarded, and trusts very few people. Regulus has long since decided that if you can't have love, you might as well have respect, and although in good standing with most of Slytherin house he has few close friends.

Privately however, Regulus is a bit of a dreamer. He likes to see Voldemort's cause as a noble effort striving to bring pureblood wizardry to the heights it deserves, to free his people from hiding and give them their rightful place over their Muggle oppressors. He himself is a revolutionary, a hero, and he is willing to pursue these goals with a certain degree of ruthlessness. Whilst violence is regrettable and the deaths of those who oppose them unfortunate, they are necessary casualties of the cause - all is for the greater good. He is also convinced that a triumph on his part will make his parents, who have been unbearable ever since Sirius left, happy - it might even make his mother let go of some of her fixations. Deep deep down he is probably aware on some level that all of this is untrue, but he is good at lying to himself.

Regulus rarely gets outwardly angry - he hates anyone to see him lose control - but is actually far more vulnerable to the few people he cares about than he will ever let them see. On those occasions when one of them hurts him he prefers to insist that everything is fine before going quietly away to brood and throw a small private tantrum than to let his facade slip in public. He likes Hogwarts, and especially loves the thrill of flying and the cheers of his house when he wins matches for them, but generally feels unsatisfied and unhappy, and is easily bored. He is not sure why.

Friends: tba

Enemies: tba


House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Wand: 11.5 inches, Fir, Unicorn Hair. Supple, good for charms.
Positions: Quidditch Seeker, Prefect
Best Subjects: Charms and DADA.
Worst Subject: Arithmancy
Current Courseload: Arithmancy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration.


Name Meanings: In Latin, regulus means "little king" (or "petty king"). It is the Latin name for the basilisk, which itself derives from the Greek basiliskos--also cognate to "little king." Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo and is often called "cor leonis" because it is situated at the lion's heart. Regulus' middle name, Arcturus, is a tribute his paternal grandfather as well as the name of the brightest star in the constellation Bootes. His surname, Black, refers to the color.

Likes: tba

Dislikes: tba

Greatest Fear: tba

Strengths: tba

Weaknesses: tba

Patronus: Raven


FIR TREE (the Mysterious) - extraordinary taste, dignity, sophisticated, loves anything beautiful, moody, stubborn, tends to egoism but cares for those close to them, rather modest, very ambitious, talented, industrious, non-contented lover, many friends, many foes, very reliable. - From The White Goddess

Played By: Skandar Keynes
OOC: lady_brightside
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