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Regulus Black
03 December 2008 @ 04:21 pm
Exams are going well. Almost as well as I could possibly hope for, in fact. I am feeling confident.

The talk all over the school is that Batstone is at least a secret sympathiser of the Dark Lord - possibly even a Death Eater. I must confess, I never thought that the man would have it in him. I would be almost impressed at his audacity and commitment - were it not for the ensuing display of stupidity. Would you believe it if I were to tell you that the man tried to enlist Gordy Mullins, of all people? Madness. The Mullinses are wealthy, certainly, and influential to boot, but a Hufflepuff?!

Of course, poor dim Gordy simply had to take this singling out as a slight upon his honour, of all things, and Merlin can attest that he could not keep his mouth shut. And now everybody knows. Dumbledore is bleating about how there is no proof, but Mullins is certainly adamant in his story - as he is in everything else, poor fellow - and I for one am inclined to believe him. Still, it is a sad day for the world when a teacher who has done nothing but stand up for what he believes in and take steps to ensure the future survival of wizardkind is to be hounded out of his position, as seems certain to happen now. I hear that already there have been complaints from a couple of short-sighted parents calling for his resignation, and more seem sure to follow. Apparently he poses 'a danger to students'. Piffle. It is unusually decent of Dumbledore to be keeping such an open mind on the matter but I fear that there will be little he can do. The voice of the masses must win out.

I received a most delightful early birthday gift - a set of custom-made Quidditch robes. Unfortunately, they are just a hair too long in the sleeves so I shall have to send them back to be altered. Still, I am extremely pleased with them. The quality of the workmanship is excellent.

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Regulus Black
03 November 2008 @ 02:51 pm
Examinations begin in less than a week now; curiously, I feel myself growing calmer with regard to the majority of my subjects as opposed to anxious. I feel that I am well prepared. It is good to have something to focus on, however.

Events at the school however have taken a turn for the lively within the past few days; two nights ago a fight broke out between some Slytherin and Gryffindor first-years, ending with three of them in the hospital wing. It appears that they were tackling each other with some highly unorthodox spells - taught to them, it is alleged, in their Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons. The Gryffindor students deny everything of course, but that is hardly surprising; it is clear that they were at fault in the matter. And certainly, they must have learnt those spells from somewhere. At least one can only be found in the restricted section of the library, accessible only to teachers and such students as can procure permission. Madame Pince's ledger has been examined, and Professor Batstone has indeed consulted the book in question, so the evidence would appear conclusive.

I have no wish to defame the character of one of my teachers, so I must consider the possibility that he did not teach them the spells intending that they would ever use them; only demonstrated them as curiosities. In any event however, it was foolishness in the extreme. Students so young look up to their teachers in the same way as they do their prefects; we are their role models. It was only to be expected that they would follow his bad example. Questions are beginning to be asked, anyway, and Dumbledore has had no choice but to investigate. Let us hope it shall all come to nothing.

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Regulus Black
21 July 2008 @ 10:19 pm
To whom it may concern: the will of Orion Black has made the following bequests;

To Lucretia Prewett: "The portrait of Melania McMillan Black with her cat, presently hanging on the third floor landing; the set of silver bruses; the crystal decanter with the family crest on the third shelf of the drawing room cabinet."

To Theodore Lestrange: "The grindylow skin cigar case."

To Antonin Dolohov: "The Dark Scope."

To Hippolytus Gibson: "The cursed book collection."

To the blood traitor Sirius Black: "The silver snuff box from the desk in my study as a token of my regard for him. May he carry it with him always."

The remainder of his personal effects he leaves to his wife, Walburga Black, alongside a sum of money to be paid to her yearly.

The Black estate, fortune, and all property belonging to the estate and House of Black is left to his son and heir, Regulus Arcturus Black.
Regulus Black
11 July 2008 @ 10:30 pm
Diary. I am back at home at present, following the rather sudden death of my father.

It occurs to me that the above sentence lacks - occasion, I suppose is the word, but I must confess that I am at a loss as to how to proceed. How does one write about the death of a parent? Should there be tears? Wails of grief? A cry for vengeance?

I have not cried. Not yet, at least. It is strange, but at present I feel very little. Numbness is an acceptable emotion, I suppose. Denial is considered to constitute grief. Perhaps I am in denial. Perhaps I do not care. I am not sure. But he was my father.

My mother has, as of yet, said very little. It is strange to have her so quiet. I am unsure as to whether her silence is born of grief or of something darker, but I will accept it as a blessing nonetheless. There was a moment, at dinner yesterday – for dinner must always be a family affair, of course, even when our family has been so precipitously diminished to just two – when she announced to me that I was the only Black male left, and the fortunes of the family were now down to me, and the tone of her voice could be described as nothing less than triumphant. I am my mother’s triumph; I am the good son, the one who will lead the family to glory.

In that moment, I despised myself. Grieve for my father, Mother. I do not know if what I felt for him was love, but I regret his passing. You are his wife; you owe him that respect.

When I die, there will be people to grieve for me.

I have informed my mother that I will see to the plans for the funeral, as is my duty as his heir. The notices will be sent out shortly, although I confess to some confusion over the subject of my (former) brother. I will presume that he has been informed, through some channel or another, of circumstances; does etiquette require me to inform him of burial plans however, or should he be excluded? I can guess at what my mother’s response will be, but she is partisan. If it were he that had died – I cannot be sure, but I believe I would have wished to attend his funeral. My mother too, albeit only to scream insults at the coffin. Perhaps he will wish to shout at father.

But this is a melancholy subject. I shall think on it when I go to sleep; perhaps in the morning I will have reached some conclusion.
Regulus Black
23 April 2008 @ 10:48 pm
Pardon my Gryffindorish tendancies but - GRRRRRR.

Hogsmeade was cancelled today. 

Normally, I wouldn't really mind, but I was so looking forward to seeing some Slytherin alumni this weekend. I know there is much happening at home that I am unaware of and I hate being out of the loop. 

I suppose They (whoever They are who decide these things - probably Dumbledore) had good reason for keeping us cooped up in Hogwarts for a few more weeks, but really - until nearly Christmas? We're all going to go mad with claustrophobia. I just hope that Hogsmeade weekend won't be cancelled, too, though I'll be going home right after for the holidays anyway so it won't much matter. 

On better news - quidditch against Gryffindor is coming up. There's so much tension in the air, I think we all need this match. I just hope it doesn't turn nasty.

Regulus Black
21 February 2008 @ 12:31 am
Well, here I am, back at Dumbledore's Brainwashing Academy. I don't get what everyone sees in him. Honestly, he's a looney.

I wish Rabastan and Cissy and Darren and Evan and everyone were still here. And Severus, even though I was never really friends with him. It seems like everyone's off being important to the Cause and I'm stuck at school being bored to death and having to endure all those annoying Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs.

But I suppose, after many a long-suffering sigh, I could be doing worse things with my time. At least Barty and I are around to keep an eye on Dumbledore, but then again, how can we possibly do so without seeming suspicious? It isn't exactly a secret that Dumby is disliked among the Slytherins (or the decent ones, anyway).

I wish I could be back at Grimmauld Place!
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Regulus Black
10 December 2006 @ 08:21 pm
The holidays couldn't come at a better time this year. What with six classes and Quidditch practice, among other things, this has been the most stressful semester at Hogwarts yet. Fortunately, I was able to meet with Slughorn yesterday, and I convinced him that no sane wizard takes six NEWT-level classes at once. So, I will be dropping Arithmancy next term, thank Merlin.

This Christmas will be spent in Cornwall at the Manor of my lovely cousin Bellatrix Lestrange. I'll be staying there through Christmas, and then I'll be returning to London to celebrate the New Year. Mother and Father will be in and out the entire time, so anyone who would like to join me at Grimmauld is most welcome.

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Regulus Black
09 September 2006 @ 06:07 pm
Well, my advisory meeting with Slughorn went quite well. He was very pleased with my scores, especially in Potions, and he kept reiterating the importance of continuing with Slug Club meetings. It was never my intention to stop attending them as, if nothing else, it helps my Potions grades to be in his favor. Besides, I generally enjoy the company of the other members of the organization.

Anyway, after much discussion, I've decided the following courses.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

I've decided to drop Ancient Runes as well as History of Magic, despite the fact that I passed both O.W.L.s. I just don't find them terribly interesting or useful, so there's really no point pursuing them. I considered dropping Arithmancy as well, but Slughorn convinced me not to. Besides, I'm still undecided as far as career paths go, and I'll need Arithmancy if I decide on Curse Breaker. Generally, I just want to keep my options open, and since I've managed a full schedule in the past with little trouble, I see no reason for that to change.
Regulus Black
24 August 2006 @ 08:33 pm
Barty is back.